You also need to know how to build rapport with customers over the phone, which requires excellent communication skills. Finally, you need solid closing techniques to convert a prospect into a sale before you hang up. Insure2Go is disrupting the medical insurance landscape through innovative, customer-focused service. We seek a team player with the communication skills necessary to help our customers find the perfect product to suit their needs. The ideal candidate should have previous knowledge of private medical insurance products and the ability to meet challenging sales targets. Hiring managers look for an individual with specific qualifications, skills, and professional experience to meet a job description.

  • By the late 1990s or early 2000s, the term “inside sales” was being used to mark a difference between inside and outside sales.
  • After completing their education, incoming sales professionals often begin their careers as inside sales representatives.
  • One perk of inside sales is that you can often do the job remotely or from home.
  • According to 2021 data from The Bridge Group, only 66% of reps reach quota attainment each year.
  • Large companies (with potentially large deals) can then be assigned to field reps who can invest more time into relationship building that requires face-to-face interactions.

Those who excel in the position may become senior inside sales representatives. After five years in inside sales, reps can become sales executives and eventually pursue a sales manager role. An Inside Sales Representative is a professional who converts pre-qualified leads and generates new business with existing customers by using upselling tactics that ensure a great customer experience. Maintained enduring relationships with a database of over 50 existing clients and kept them informed of new products and services, achieving a 73% repeat customer rate. A results-driven Inside Sales Representative with more than six years of experience. Adept at conducting client consultations and interpreting their needs to present the most effective solutions.

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A career in inside sales requires you to have a strong sales technique and the ability to build quick rapport and lasting relationships with clients. A hiring manager will want to see that you can successfully manage the entire sales process from prospecting to closing the sale. Including any impressive performance statistics you have to back up your claims makes your resume more appealing to potential employers and can set you apart from other candidates. The core of their job is to meet their potential customers at events such as conferences and trade shows, or out in the field. Oftentimes an outside sales representative will have a territory they cover, where clients are met in their own offices or places of business.

inside sales representative

We are looking for an Inside Sales Representative to help us find new sales opportunities and handle phone calls for the same. You will be required to achieve your given targets, collaborate with fellow employees and conduct demos. Outside sales uses in-person techniques such as meeting clients face-to-face, knocking on doors, or setting up physical booths at conventions or conferences. Purchasing goods and services online or by phone is popular among consumers, looking for ways to simplify their lives. It even has its own industry association, the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP).

Inside sales vs. outside sales salary: United Kingdom

You can get SaaS products or services online, and sometimes they can be customized. This also means SaaS usually has a lower price point than customized software. You will get better integration, and upgrades, and most importantly, SaaS is an evolving, user-friendly, and advanced product or service. Closing deals may require teams of sales representatives to work together.

Before you start tailoring your inside sales rep resume, go through the job description with a fine-tooth comb to pick out which requirements are most important to the employer. Most job ads mention the most vital skills and attributes first, and you should also focus on any themes that appear more than once. Your resume should address all the key requirements and explain how you can meet them.

Requirements and skills

By the early 2000s, inside sales became a term to help differentiate sales conducted from an office and sales conducted in the field, or territory. Outside reps build trust through the power of in-person interactions, body language and deeper human connection. Because of their proximity to the client, hiring the right kind of people as your outside sales representatives is crucial, but we’ll touch more on that later. Although outside sales reps do sometimes have an office as their base, they spend most of their time in the field. Both inside and outside sales are extremely valuable to any sales strategy, meaning your inside and outside sales representatives are too.

Now, let’s say your sales team is currently focused on acquiring new leads instead of closing deals. Sales reps spend a lot of time connecting with prospecting, nurturing relationships, and qualifying leads. Since inside sales reps typically don’t meet with prospects face-to-face, they leverage tools like phones, email, video, and virtual meetings to connect with potential customers. In general, inside sales focuses on acquiring leads and has a faster sales cycle, while outside sales focuses on nurturing leads and converting them.

Should you outsource your inside sales team?

See below for detailed information on the average inside sales representative salary. The first step in writing an incredible inside resume is to understand which keywords and action verbs will catch the attention of a hiring manager. Many prospective employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to evaluate resumes using keywords to flag strong contenders. Therefore, the smart use of keywords and action verbs makes a hiring manager more likely to consider your application and select you for an interview. Hi, we’re Concentrix.We help the world’s best brands deliver exceptional customer experience (CX).

In addition, they are entitled to receive commissions that are awarded to the salesperson who meets or exceeds the quoted target sales. Inside and outside sales reps use similar tools, and many sales jobs overlap, with inside sales reps going outside the office to meet with customers and outside sales reps working from their desks. It’s much faster and easier to write a sales email than it is to visit a potential customer’s location.

HubSpot’s 2021 Sales Enablement Survey, which surveyed over 500 sales leaders, shows how much things have changed in just five years. The 2021 report found that outside teams engage in 25% more calls and over 50% more email activities. Their schedule is more predictable, and they often have a target for the number of activities they accomplish each day (e.g., number of calls, meetings booked, proposals sent). This increase in productivity means that companies can get more done in less time, ultimately saving money.

inside sales representative

[Call to Action] Now that future sales staff are familiar with your company and the job requirements, you need a compelling call to action to turn them into applicants. Let them know who to contact at your company to apply, or how and where to submit an application, resume, and supporting documents. From filling urgent job openings to developing long-term hiring strategies, our team is here to help.

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